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In January 2006, the West Tennessee Industrial Association (WTIA) and the Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association (MTIDA) announced the Deal Ready© site certification program. A Deal Ready site is guaranteed to meet or exceed over 100 critical requirements.

The sites, which range in size from 20 to 1,000 acres, are evaluated and approved by CH2M Hill and Strategic Development Group. The level of detail in the Deal Ready program exceeds most other certifations.The companies that have selected Deal Ready sites have not been disappointed.

"It is our belief that industrial sites with the Deal Ready certification are truly 'Deal Ready' and will minimize your risk, evaluation time and development costs. The sole purpose of this certification is to expedite the process of industrial development to meet project start-up requirements."

-Will Hearn, Director of Industrial Solutions Group, CH2M Hill

WTIA and MTIDA realize that companies that need smaller sites are under just as much time pressure as large site developers — maybe more. They reviewed almost four years of location data from the Tennessee Valley Authority and found that 34 percent of site locations occurred on sites of 20 to 50 acres. That is why the Deal Ready certification program includes sites of this size — a major advantage to companies that don’t need a huge site but want the advantages of a professionally certified site.

Deal Ready© Certification

There is a fast-growing demand in the site location business for certified industrial sites. When a company is ready to build new facilities, they want sites that are ready to go — and increasingly, the focus is on sites that are relatively risk free.

Changes in the global economy have intensified the demand for certified sites. Timeframes for making location decisions have shortened. Companies that have delayed expansion waiting for economic changes are typically under greater time pressure when they do decide to move forward.

The Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association (MTIDA) and the West Tennessee Industrial Association (WTIA) collaborated to create the Deal Ready® site certification program and stay ahead of the growing demand. Deal Ready sites meet rigorous requirements, so they save precious time and minimize risk.

Not all site certification programs are the same. MTIDA and WTIA set their certification standards high and sought out the best practices. Many location consultants agree that there are at least three critical components to a certification program and the Deal Ready program meets them all:

  • Really ready and truly available. First and foremost, Deal Ready sites are free of ownership issues, the terms of sale are clearly established, and infrastructure is in place for construction to begin.
  • Third-party evaluation and verification. Deal Ready sites are certified by professionals who stake their corporate reputations on the readiness of the sites. Environmental, infrastructure, and legal assessments are conducted by the experts.
  • Comprehensive site information. The more you know about a site, the less risk you face. A Deal Ready site must meet over 100 certification requirements. Everything you need and want to know about the site is instantly available.

All certified sites are not equal, either. Deal Ready sites offer the advantages of western and middle Tennessee’s prime North American location and multi-modal transportation infrastructure. So with a Deal Ready site, you are ready to build, and you are in exactly the right place.

MTIDA and WTIA offer the broadest range of available certified sites in the country. The sites range in size from 20 acre sites to 1,000-plus acre megasites. All the sites are served by Tennessee Valley Authority power. Tennessee’s Fast Track program insures maximum speed and efficiency in every aspect of getting a project complete and the business operational.

Information on Deal Ready sites is easy to find. Visit our website for complete details. MTIDA and WTIA are always available to help you find the right site and to provide seamless connections with all the programs and services offered to businesses in Tennessee.

Program Overview

Two certification programs are in place. One for sites 50 acres and above, and the other for sites under 50 acres. Please review the items below for details on the two certification processes.

Together Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association and the West Tennessee Industrial Association developed the Deal Ready site certification program. A Deal Ready site is guaranteed to meet or exceed the criteria typically required by industries seeking a site for immediate development.

Each qualifying Deal Ready site has passed two screenings. The first is a desktop screening based on submitted application. For the sites that pass this screening, the second screening is a site visitation to confirm information and evaluate any other factors.

Site Criteria Requirements for Deal Ready Sites Under 50 Acres

For this category the requirements are reviewed and approved by the Strategic Development Group, Inc.

Please review the current certification in progress for the requirements. The Phase I and Phase II application documents contain an extensive list of requirements that must be met to move on to the next round for final approval.

Site Criteria Requirements for Deal Ready Sites 50 Acres and Above

  • Clear ownership and control
  • Type of sale or lease transaction known
  • Minimum of 50 contiguous acres
  • Transportation access
    • Four Lane Truck Route
    • Within 2 hours of commercial airport
  • Zoned for Industrial Use
  • Outside of the 100-year flood plain
  • Free of environmental issues, Phase I Study complete
  • Availability of utilities
    • Minimums:
      • 7,500 KVA Electricity
      • Natural Gas
      • 250,000 GPD Water and Sewer
      • T1 Telecommunications
  • Site and topography maps prepared
  • All relevant information available


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